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Meet Our Doctors 


I truly enjoy taking care of my patients and I specifically have an interest in cardiovascular health, diabetes, and weight loss. However, no problem is too big or too small. We try emphasize a family environment so that you feel at ease and comfortable when you come and see us.  You will get know us and our staff and you feel like you are at home. Outside the office I stay busy with our two daughters. We enjoy home cooking, travelling and rooting for the best teams in sports: New York Yankees and New York Rangers!

Alexander Lakowsky, MD, MBA
Andra Batlin, MD


At our practice we are able to communicate directly with our

patients on a regular basis and our staff is adept at trouble shooting so that you will never feel like you are not being heard. I love being a part of my patients lives. I try to focus on each patient and their individual needs, trying to be comprehensive in my approach so that any and each issue can be dealt with at the time of the visit. I enjoy having a close relationship with my patients and my specialist colleagues in the area. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and travelling ( which sadly these days is mostly driving soccer carpool for my two daughters and their friends throughout SF). I look forward to meeting you and helping you with any of your healthcare needs!

Thank you for choosing Premier Medical Care!

I have been privileged to serve as a primary care doctor on

the Peninsula since 2006. Most of this time was spent in

private practice and since summer of 2012 I have partnered

with my wife, Dr Batlin to create our our practice (although

we worked together since 2004). Since then we’ve been

serving our community and we love what we do and

relationships we fostered with our patients. Being a private

practitioner allows me to treat patients how I see fit without

influence of any big organization.

Thank you for choosing us to partner with you for all of your

healthcare needs! I have been practicing with my husband,

Dr. Alexander Lakowsky, since 2004, in private practice together since 2012 and I love what I do! I love being in private practice because it allows me to foster a real relationship with my patients without all of the hassles of big business. We have such a close relationship with our staff as do our patients. This eliminates a lot of misinformation, patients having to wait for appointments and being transferred to countless departments only to not get an

answer to your question. 

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