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Meet Our Staff


Angie has been a medical assistant for over 17 years.  She has been working with us as a lead MA since July of 2012.  She’s very dedicated to her profession and we are truly lucky to have her.  What she likes the most about working here is that she gets to meet new people every day and they become part of her family.  When not working Angie enjoys spending time with her 3 children.


Lori  started doing billing for equine veterinarians in high school and transitioned to human doctors after college. She must really love it because it's been several decades now!   She is truly the best at what she does. She also very much enjoys traveling and sports, especially her Giants!  She has been trying to convert Dr Lakowsky from his Yankees but so far no luck.  She will keep on trying….


Alicia is our main scheduling coordinator as well as a medical assistant.  Her upbeat attitude and infectious energy always brighten up our day!  She has grown up and lived on the Peninsula all her life.  She is a mother of three beautiful children.  She enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.  In her spare time she likes to read, run, and garden.


Mary has been in the medical field since 1989.  She worked at various medical enterprises through the Bay Area, including The Podiatry Hospital and Mills Peninsula hospital Lab.  She also ran the offices of neurology and infectious disease specialists for a number or years. She has always loved working with and helping people. Mary enjoys baking, watching old movies and true stories.  She is a mother and proud grandmother of three.

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